Financial Wellness Education

If you have suggestions for financial wellness educational resources that are useful for either consumers or business owners, please let us know.

"I like the book “Why Didn’t They Teach Me This in School? 99 Personal Money Management Principles to Live By,” by Cary Siegel. It’s written in an entertaining way that’s easy to understand, and while I don’t agree with every detail presented, the overall themes are spot on. I’d highly recommend this book for young people or those just starting to handle their own finances."

Leah Driver, New Castle

"I like Cherie Lowe, a local author who is known as the Queen of Free. She teaches classes on couponing and saving money LOCALLY! She lives in Greenwood with her family. She and her husband have written a book called "Slaying the Debt Dragon," based on how they followed the seven steps Dave Ramsey writes about in his book to pay off debt." 

Jenessa Dunlap, Carmel

"I use an app called Debt Payoff Planner (there are multiple debt apps out there) this one is free and it allows you to put in and keep track of debt. What I like about it is that it says in plain terms here’s how many months you have until X debt is paid off and uses the snowball method to calculate how long it will actually take you to pay off all the debt you enter." 

Jenessa Dunlap, Carmel

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