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May 19, 2020

We use our social media platforms to make announcements, share information, and educate. Be sure to follow us, and if you have any questions or comments, we'll get back to you right away!

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Be sure to bookmark our website - We post information about accounts, system updates, and financial wellness, and more. We also have a Community Events Calendar so you can see (and share) what's happening in your hometown.

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Facebook (Meta): Citizens State Bank - Indiana. We use Facebook to communicate day-to-day events. We'll share system information (i.e. an ATM outage), event information and photos, product and promotion details, and more.

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LinkedIn: Citizens State Bank (Indiana). We use LinkedIn for more business-focused communications, including employee information (i.e. job openings, introducing new hires, associate retirements) and business product information. We also share information from great business resources like the Small Business Administration, Indiana Chamber of Commerce, and more.

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Twitter: CitizensStateBank-IN. Our Twitter communications include topics of interest to both individuals and businesses. This can include information about accounts, system updates, financial wellness - as well as shared information from sites like the Small Business Administration and Rural Development Indiana.

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Instagram: Citizens State Bank - Indiana. We use Instagram less frequently than Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, but the information we post does target both individuals and businesses. You'll find information about products and services, Bank announcements, and more.

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Pinterest: Citizens State Bank - Indiana. We share information about our communities and financial wellness articles on Pinterest.

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YouTube: Citizens State Bank - Indiana. Though we post videos to YouTube rather infrequently, you will find information of interest about products, security information, and CSB events.