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Date: May 15, 2021


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National Chocolate Chip Day

A special day to honor one of our favorite baking ingredients - the chocolate chip! Whether they're in cookies, pancakes, ice cream, or all by themselves, these lovely morsels make life a little sweeter. Although you can find a wide variety of chips, there are primarily three types of chocolate:

  • Dark Chocolate. All chocolates contain some level of cocoa, dark chocolate typically contains anywhere from 45 - 80% cocoa, giving it its dark brown color. Also known as "semisweet," it has a deep, somewhat bitter, flavor.
  • Milk Chocolate. Like the name suggests, milk chocolate must contain milk (4% milk fats and 12% milk solids). Milk chocolate has much less cocoa than dark chocolate - anywhere from 5 - 7% - and has a lighter appearance, creamier texture, and sweeter taste.
  • White Chocolate. The term "white chocolate" is a misnomer, as it's technically not real chocolate. While it does contain many of the same ingredients as milk chocolate, it contains no cocoa powder.

The Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe is probably one of the most famous. Here's the original, along with a couple of tweaks.

Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe and Tweaks