Trust Administraton

Our Trust Services are a reflection of our mission - we're committed to helping you successfully attain your goals. We have a variety of tools available, including,

  • Living, Revocable, and Irrevocable Trust Accounts
  • Estates
  • Guardianship Accounts
  • Personal Agency Accounts
  • Self-Directed Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
  • Retirement Planning and Investments

Our Trust Specialists listen, so we have an-depth understanding of your current situation and future goals before we put together any recommendations. Following are some terms that are helpful to know:

A Trust Account helps ensure the successful transfer of your estate.

A Revocable Living Trust resembles a will, and includes directions for managing your assets while you are living and for distributing them after death.

A Testamentary Trust can provide sound financial management for your heirs. It is established by your will and becomes effective after your death.

A Credit Shelter Trust is designed to minimize taxes by applying any estate tax exemptions to either spouse. The sheltered amount is the maximum allowed by law.

An Agency Account helps you manage investments by assigning specific duties to the professionals at Citizens State Bank in a written agreement. If support is needed for investments, bill paying, or other management duties, that form of agreement is called a Custodial Agency Account.

A Guardianship Account is necessary when the account holder is in need of some financial assistance or when a court-appointed fiduciary is needed. Our Trust Specialists fulfill those duties, helping ensure the best results.

In certain types of transactions, we hold an account in a borrower’s name to pay obligations as determined between a seller and buyer, or a borrower and an institution. These are called Escrow Exchanges or 1031 Exchanges in which Citizens State Bank is named as the escrow agent.

Investments Not FDIC Insured | No Bank Guarantee | May Lose Value