World Backup Day

March 31, 2022 | Leah Driver

I understand procrastination - you're busy, time gets away from you, you're tired - there's no excuse I haven't used to delay something I know I should do.

Apparently I'm not alone, which is one of the reasons March 31 of each year has been designated as World Backup Day. Do I know I should back up my files? Of course I do - from a decade of tax returns to every picture I've taken over the past 20 years, I would not only be heartbroken if I lost the files stored on my computer and phone, it would be a huge pain in the rear.

Last year I not only took the pledge to back up my data - I actually did it! (I confess, it was on April 15 after I filed my taxes, but that's still progress.) So if my data existence disappeared today, I could replace anything prior to April 16, 2021. I hear you - what are the odds of everything disappearing like that? Higher than you might think. (113 phones lost or stolen every minute?!)

Data Loss

The folks over at World Backup Day have not only convinced me to back up my data, they've even made it easy. There are many options, including free alternatives, for backing up your data. (I confess I can be cheap too.) Here's a partial list -

Online Backup and Storage

Since cloud-based storage became a thing, backing up your files is easier than ever! (And is also the option I chose.) A few sites you can use:

MEGA - 20GB free
pCloud - 5GB free
Apple iCloud - 5GB free
Google Cloud - 15GB free

External Hard Drives

Sadly, I'll admit to not having *two* unused external hard drives at home. Can't remember when I bought them, but I never used them. If this option works for you, you can find external hard drives just about anywhere, including:

Google Shopping

Creating a NAS Backup

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a good option for small businesses, those who are tech-savvy, and smart homes. You can purchase a NAS many places, including:

Best Buy
Google Shopping

Other Backup Options

There are many other ways to create backups, including:

USB Sticks or Thumb Drives
Time Machine Application (to backup a MAC)
Your cell phone provider

And probably a hundred more.

The key is to find a backup method you'll actually use. For more options, visit the World Backup Day site or do a search for "Data Backup Options" on your favorite search engine. Hold yourself accountable by publicly taking the pledge, and as they say, "...tell friends and family about World Backup Day - Real friends don't let friends go without a backup. =)"

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