Autobooks - Accept a Payment

With the Accept a Payment feature, you'll love...
  • Accepting payments directly inside online banking
  • Streamlining the process of accepting credit cards - no lockup period with a third-party payment app
  • Customizing your payment form with your business logos and color for a professional way to accept payments
  • Easily tracking payments received online so you can know who has paid
  • Sharing your link everywhere you communicate with customers - on invoices, via text message, email, your website, and more
  • Setting up recurring payments so you have the reassurance of consistent cash flow every month
  • Telling your customers they can conveniently pay online via credit card, debit card, or an electronic bank transfer

Now you can get paid online without the high fees

There's no monthly fee when you turn on Accept a Payment. Save money with the low transaction fee of just 2.89% when you accept a payment via credit or debit card. Pay just 1% when you accept payments via bank transfer.

Here's a quick way to easily get paid online
  1. Login to online banking and click "Accept a Payment" on your dashboard
  2. Fill out the enrollment forms
  3. Complete the tutorial to ask for your first payment
Curious as to what your fees might be? Take a look -

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Requires application, approval, and agreement with Autobooks. Fees may be assessed per your agreement with Autobooks. You must maintain a checking account and digital banking with Citizens State Bank to use the service. The Privacy and Security policies of Autobooks, which may differ from those of Citizens State Bank - Indiana, will apply to transactions conducted in Autobooks.