Let's Schedule A Financial Review

During this complimentary assessment, we’ll sit down with you to review everything from existing commercial loans to the health of your cash flow. It’s ultimately about having a conversation with someone that helps you maximize your opportunities and is committed to helping you succeed.

Would You Benefit from a Financial Check-In?

It's been said that "the only thing constant is change." That's especially true in regard to running a business, and why we recommend a periodic assessment of your finances.

Since 1873, we’ve come alongside entrepreneurs and enterprises alike to ensure they have the right resources and relationships to grow with confidence. 

Our Relationship Managers understand how important it is to have solid data and guidance when making financial decisions about your business. 

That's why we offer these complimentary consultations as a way to review your financials and talk through that next big business decision. Whether you're considering the purchase of land or equipment, have a current commercial loan that's due soon, or considering different strategies for handling cash flow, we can help you determine the next right step.

We Want You to Build, Grow, and Manage with Confidence

Our conversations with you are a win when you…

  • Make informed decisions
  • Simplify complex financial ideas
  • Move forward with clarity
  • Capitalize on your most significant opportunities 
  • Benefit from having a strategic banker on your team

Let’s Start a Conversation

Our Clients are Saying

Running a business comes with big decisions that can make or break your company. 

When it’s time to own property, make that big purchase, or set your sights on a new horizon, you need a partner you can count on. At Citizens State Bank, we work to understand your needs, analyze your business, and provide financial stability that unlocks new opportunities and enables you to operate with ease.