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Fraud Awareness

Citizens State Bank takes security seriously, and we work continuously on our end to safeguard your finances and personal information. But we need you to partner with us to prevent and fight fraud, and that's why we've organized the following information. While you can find many more resources, this is a good start toward arming yourself with knowledge and good security habits to protect your money and identity, both on- and offline.

NOTE:  We will not ask for personal information via text message, e-mail or phone. If you receive such a request, delete it immediately ― being careful not to click any links in a text or email ― and contact us immediately at 888-529-5450.

Are you a victim of identity theft?

Report the incident and get a recovery plan from the FTC

Easy things you can do today:

Actions you should consider:

Watch for these four warning signs of phishing in emails, calls, and texts:


Green icon - link or attachment

Red Flag #1

Have any guesses?
(click arrow)


You're asked to open a link or attachment.


Red Flag #2

What do you think it will be?


They use urgent or fear-inducing language. They discourage you from contacting them using information you already have.

They urge you to

Green icon - personal information

Red Flag #3

How are you doing?


They ask for personal information like PINs, passwords, user names, social security number, account numbers


Red Flag #4

Click for the final answer...


They pressure you to log into your account, send them money using a payment app, etc.

Scam Education and Testing

Put Your Knowledge to the Test
Elderly Financial Abuse

File a report of financial abuse with Adult Protective Services of Indiana

Stay ahead of the fraudsters by learning about their latest, most innovative techniques. 

Understanding the primary terminologies in the world of fraud is the first step to recognizing fraudulent activities and protecting yourself from them. When awareness isn’t enough, Joe Perez, the host of “The Fraud Lab” video series, walks through the right strategies that you need to navigate fraud for yourself and your business.

If you’ve ever wondered how fraudsters make money from their activities and what they do to protect themselves from getting caught, you’ve got to watch this video.

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