CSB Community Scholarship

Celebrating 150 Years of Community Banking

During our 150th year, our mission - to help our clients, co-workers, and communities succeed - means more than ever. As part of that mission, and in recognition of the importance of higher education, we're offering a $5,000 scholarship. Take a few minutes to complete the application or share it with someone who's eligible. 

Scholarship Application

Congratulations, Ms. Gabriella "Ella" Frombly, a graduate of New Castle High School, on winning the 2023 CSB Community Scholarship!
Download the Citizens State Bank Scholarship Application

Please Note: Not all browsers are compatible with the fillable PDF application. Go to Adobe Support for additional information on PDF browser compatibility.

Completing A Fillable Form: For security purposes, save the form to your device and use Adobe Reader to complete it.

Submitting Your Completed Application: You can print the app, along with any attachments, and mail it to:  Marketing Department; Citizens State Bank; 1238 Broad Street; New Castle, IN 47362 or drop it off at any Citizens State Bank location. You can also email your application to marketing@mycsbin.com, but keep in mind email is not secure, and the application includes sensitive information.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Is the scholarship only available to graduating seniors?  No, the scholarship is available to "non traditional" students as well as those already attending a college or university.
  • What is the deadline? Completed applications must be received by March 31.
  • When will I know if I've won? All applicants will be notified by mail. The winner will be contacted by May 15 and a public announcement will be made in the following weeks.
  • Are there other ways to receive an application? Yes - drop by any Citizens State Bank location and ask for an application; check with your local high school; email marketing@mycsbin.com and ask to have an app sent to you (be sure to include your mailing or email address).