Fraud Prevention

Regardless of size, Fraud Control is a concern for businesses and non-profits everywhere. We're committed to helping you keep your account safe using the following tools for Checks and Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions:

Positive Pay

Positive Pay can help prevent check fraud in three easy steps:

  1. Details of the checks you issue will be uploaded to Citizens State Bank
  2. When checks are presented for payment, we’ll compare the dollar amount and check number to ensure a match
  3. If the check information doesn’t match, we’ll notify you of the exception items so you can decide if the check will be paid

Your company is a candidate for Positive Pay if:

  • Your business has experienced check fraud
  • Your company issues numerous checks
  • You're able to create a file that includes your issued check data
  • You'd feel better knowing the checks that clear your account were actually issued by you
ACH Debit Filter

Create, maintain and update a list of pre-approved ACH payments. We'll pay only the transactions you’ve expressly authorized. You can set payment rules for each account, and those rules can be vendor-specific, amount-specific, one-time, recurring or a combination. You'll have the opportunity to review, and approve, any exceptions.

ACH Debit Block

This feature completely blocks all ACH debit transactions. Any incoming ACH debit is automatically returned to the originating bank. Once you set up the service, there’s nothing more for you to do

Your Treasury Management Team:

Image for Andy Burakiewicz, CTP

More Info

Andy Burakiewicz, CTP

Director of Treasury Management

P: 317-844-5170

C: 317-508-4394


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More Info

Seth Stevens

Treasury Management Officer

P: 765-529-5450  ext: 7851

New Castle
Hartford City
Union City

Treasury Management Services:

Image for Online Cash Management

Online Cash Management

Cash management is key to business success. As your business grows, our cash management solutions will help you manage your cash flow more efficiently.

  • View account activity
  • Establish alerts
  • Define user access levels
  • Set dual control settings
  • Process real-time stop payments
Image for Autobooks


Are you a small business owner who needs access to an online accounting solution that's easy and affordable? Autobooks is made for you!

  • Electronic invoicing
  • Online payment acceptance
  • Invoice tracking
  • Estimates
  • Small business accounting
Image for Sweep Accounts

Sweep Accounts

An efficient, cost-effective tool that manages your cash flow between multiple accounts.

Image for Merchant Services

Merchant Services

Offer your customers an easy and secure way to pay for your products or services.

  • Accept more payment types
  • Fraud protection
  • Monitor sales and profit trends
  • Build effective customer loyalty programs
Image for Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture

Skip trips to the bank and deposit checks from almost anywhere.

  • Save time
  • Enjoy greater flexibility
  • Save money
  • Enhance security
Image for Lockbox Services

Lockbox Services

Outsource your account receivables - the faster your payments are processed, the faster your business gets paid.

  • Improve staff productivity
  • Decrease the potential for theft, fraud, and error
  • Speed remittances
  • Improve overall cash flow