Fraud Prevention HQ
ACH Alert

Protect Your Funds from Fraud

Increased Control

Increased Control Over Payments

  • Ensure only valid transactions are made
  • Review any suspicious items and determine how to proceed
Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings

Cost Savings and Increased Efficiency

  • Reduce potential losses
  • Reduce time and labor with an automated process
Increased Security

Increased Security

  • Monitor and protect against fraud
  • Increase control over your account(s)

ACH Alerts

Citizens State Bank's ACH Alerts is a service that helps you combat fraud associated with electronic payments. It puts you in control of the ACH transactions that post to your account(s).

Using this tool, you can establish rules for vendors that are automatically paid, plus set expiration dates and amount limits. You are alerted to anything that falls outside your criteria and requires your review. Log in to view exceptions and make pay or return decisions. 

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