Visa Debit Card

Using your CSB VISA debit card is the fastest, easiest way to access the funds in your checking account with no recurring fees or interest charges.

Receive Built-In Fraud Protection

Your CSB VISA Debit provides continuous fraud monitoring.1

Mobile Debit Card Controls

An easy to use feature that allows you to define how your debit card(s) can be used. Don't want your card to be used online? Turn off eCommerce. Want to make sure your HSA card is only used for health-related spending? Block the other categories. You're in complete control.


Use anywhere VISA is accepted, and unlike a credit card, there are no monthly bills, recurring fees, or interest payments with a debit card.

Easily Monitor Your Spending

Use Online or Mobile Banking to see detailed descriptions of your purchases, which helps with budgeting. Set up text and email alerts to help you monitor your account balance and more.

1For fraud protection monitoring, please make sure the contact information we have for you is correct. If you notice fraudulent activity, or if your card is lost or stolen, it's important to contact us immediately to report it.