Visa© Debit Card

For fast, easy access to your funds.

Built-In Fraud Protection
Your CSB Visa Debit Card provides continuous fraud monitoring,1 making it more secure than carrying cash or a checkbook.

Digital Card Controls
Provide convenience, security, and help you stick to your budget. 

  • Turn your card off/on
  • Location-based controls
  • Control transaction types
  • Control approved merchant types
  • Threshold amount controls
  • Report your card lost/stolen
  • And more...

Mobile Wallet
One of the most secure ways to pay using your phone or computer.

  1. Add your Citizens State Bank card to your mobile wallet
  2. Access your mobile wallet and choose your Citizens State Bank card when you check out
  3. Receive payment confirmation on your device

Use everywhere Visa is accepted - retail stores, gas stations, online, and digital wallets.

Easily Monitor Your Spending
Transactions are deducted from your checking account - no monthly bills or interest payments. Digital banking tools like account alerts give you even more control over your money.

Set up a Travel Notice for security and convenience.

Don't have a CSB debit card?
If you have a CSB checking account but lost your card, contact Customer Care or use card controls to order a new one.  If you don't have a Citizens State Bank checking account, open one today!

Overdraft Information

1For fraud protection monitoring, please make sure the contact information we have for you is correct. If you notice fraudulent activity, or if your card is lost or stolen, it's important to report it asap.




If you’ll be traveling, setting up a Travel Notice for your debit and credit cards will prevent irregularities in your purchases from triggering fraud alerts and disabling your card. You can set up Travel Notifications on your CSB debit card a few ways, including: