Visa Debit Card

For fast, easy access to your funds.

One piece of plastic, so much potential. Flexible, safe, and better than cash, it's like taking your checking account with you wherever you go.

icon - fraud protection
icon - fraud protection

Security & Fraud Protection

Receive 24-hour fraud monitoring and Zero Liability Fraud Protection*

world-wide convenience
world-wide convenience

Worldwide Convenience

Use everywhere Visa is accepted ― retail stores, gas stations, online, and more

icon - monitor spending
icon - monitor spending

Monitor Your

Use digital banking tools to monitor your spending ― no monthly bill or interest payments

Digital Card Controls
Digital Card Controls

Digital Card Controls and Account Alerts

Provide security and convenience, plus they allow you to stick to your budget

icon - digital wallet
icon - digital wallet

Add to Your Digital Wallet

One of the most secure ways to pay using your phone, tablet, or computer

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icon - pay bills

Pay Bills without
Checks or Stamps

Pay bills one at a time or set up recurring monthly payments

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icon - travel


Set up a Travel Notice for security and convenience

Order Your CSB Visa Debit Card
Order Your CSB Visa Debit Card

Order Your Own
CSB Visa Debit Card

Use digital banking or contact Customer Care. Or, you can open a new checking account today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Debit Cards


How do I activate my debit card? Will I receive my PIN in the mail? How do I set up or change my PIN?

Call 800-290-7893 to activate your card If you stay on the line after activation and enter "1" at the prompt, you can set your Personal Identification Number (PIN)


You will not receive your PIN in the mail. If you don't set up your PIN when you activate your card, you can call 800-290-7893 at any time, enter your card information, and press "1" to set up your PIN.

My card is expiring in September. Does that mean Sep 1 or Sep 30? Will I automatically receive a new card, or do I need to order one?

Cards are re-issued automatically before your card expires on the last day of the month. When you receive your new card, you should activate it and destroy your old card immediately.

How can I order a new card?

You can order a new debit card:

If you've lost your card, be sure to cancel it using digital card controls to prevent fraud.

Where can I use my CSB Visa debit card? Can I use it internationally? Add it to a digital wallet?

You can use your debit card anywhere Visa is accepted, including online and international transactions. If you're traveling, we suggest setting up a Travel Notice to avoid triggering fraud alerts.


If you use your card internationally, there is a Visa fee between 1 - 3% for of the transaction amount. (This is not a bank fee.)


Yes, you can add your card to digital wallets, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

What's the difference between a Visa debit and Visa credit card?

A Visa debit card removes funds from your checking account whenever a purchase is made. 


You apply for a Visa credit card, and approval is based on your credit history and score. If/when you're approved, you'll have a spending limit, monthly payments, and interest charges if the balance isn't paid in full.

Can I add a "stop payment" to a debit card transaction or cancel a pending transaction?

No, we cannot cancel or stop payment on debit card transactions.


If you're paying for a subscription with your debit card, you will have to contact the merchant providing the service to prevent future charges.

What should I do if I don't recognize a transaction or I think my card's been stolen?

If you notice fraudulent transactions, we recommend using digital card controls to lock your card immediately.  Simply choose this feature in digital banking, choose the card you’d like to lock, and tap the toggle beside the card to lock it. To unlock your card, tap the toggle back to green.


To dispute a charge(s), you can:

  • Use the Chat feature in digital banking
  • Contact Customer Care at 888-529-5450
  • Visit your local office
What is my daily spending limit? Can it be changed?

The daily spending limit on personal debit card purchases is $2,500 and$500 for ATM withdrawals. The limit for business card purchases is $5,000 and $500 for ATM withdrawals.


To request a higher (or lower) limit:

  • Use the Chat feature in digital banking
  • Contact Customer Care at 888-529-5450
  • Visit your local office


Can I get an extra debit card to give to someone else who isn't on my account?

To give a debit card to someone else to use, that person would have to be added as a joint accountholder.


If you'd like to have a debit card for your child who is 13 or older to use, you can open a joint account for the child, and we can issue a debit card in their name.

Is there a difference between signing a receipt or using a PIN to make a purchase?

Most merchants do not require a signature to make a debit transaction, however, using your PIN is a more secure way to prevent account fraud.


*For fraud protection monitoring, please make sure the contact information we have for you is correct. If you notice fraudulent activity, or if your card is lost or stolen, it's important to report it asap.




If you’ll be traveling, setting up a Travel Notice for your debit and credit cards will prevent irregularities in your purchases from triggering fraud alerts and disabling your card. You can set up Travel Notifications on your CSB debit card a few ways, including: