Digital Banking Upgrade

What you need to know:

  • Your Username and Password are the same
  • Your Bill Pay vendors and payments were not affected
  • Your Automatic Payments and Transfers were not affected
  • Your e-Statements are still available
  • Account Alerts that were set up in Online Banking only will need to be set up again
Signing in for the first time:
  • Click on the Login button on any page of our website to get started
  • Login Button
  • Enter your existing Username and Password
  • Enter your email address and a phone number where you can receive a verification code*
  • Select how you would like to receive your verification code
  • Enter the code you receive and click Verify
  • Review the User Agreement and click Accept
  • You'll see your Customizable Dashboard and can begin your new online banking experience!
Enhanced security

During your first login to the upgraded system, you may be asked to secure your account by entering the phone number and email address you want tied to it.


You'll see this customizable dashboard:
Online Banking Personalized Dashboard
Personal Online Banking FAQs:
*What should I know about Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security feature that helps safeguard your account information. To implement 2FA, you will need to enroll an email address and a phone number. Once this information is entered, you’ll choose one of three options to receive a one-time verification code:

  1. Text message to the mobile phone entered,
  2. Automated phone call to phone number entered, or
  3. Authenticator App like Authy

After entering your verification code, you'll have the option to select “Don’t ask for code again on this computer.” This allows you to avoid having to enter a verification code during each login if you're using a secure computer. This option should never be selected on a shared or public computer.

What should I do if I lock myself out of my account?
If too many attempts are made with an incorrect verification code, you will be temporarily locked out of your account. You should not try to set up a new account or change your password during this time. If you have questions or need help, please contact Customer Care.

Why am I being asked for a verification code every time I log in, even though I selected “Remember this computer?”

There are a few reasons you may be prompted for a verification code:

  • If you log in using different browsers, even on the same computer
  • If your browser history is deleted
  • If your browser settings are set to delete your cookies and history automatically

Will I have to set up a new account?

No, you don't need to re-enroll or set up a new account. Almost all of your information will automatically transfer, including

  • Your Username and Password
  • Your Bill Pay Vendors and Payments
  • Your Automatic Payments and Transfers
  • Your e-Statements 

Online banking Account Alerts are the only existing feature that won't automatically transfer to the Digital Banking Suite. If you have an Alert in online banking but not the Mobile Banking App, you will need to set it up again.

What if I don't remember my username or password?
If you remember your Username, you're able to change your Password, and will be able to after the upgrade. Simply choose "Forgot Password" and follow the on-screen instructions. If you've forgotten your Username, contact Customer Care (888-529-5450).

What is the Digital Banking Suite? Is it secure?

Our Digital Banking Suite allows you to customize the way you manage your Citizens State Bank accounts anywhere, anytime you want. No matter which type of device you use - smartphone, tablet, computer - you'll have an easy, consistent banking experience with access to the same powerful tools. You're in control.

In addition, the Digital Banking Suite provides security in a variety of ways.

  • We use advanced data encryption to protect your information
  • Your account information isn't stored on your personal device
  • e-Statements and Bill Pay mean there's no paper statement or checks to get lost or stolen in the mail
  • Digital Card Controls allow you to turn your debit card off/on, limit transaction types and more - securing your card from fraudulent use
  • Using a Mobile Wallet means your actual debit card number isn't used during transactions - so it can't be stolen or compromised in a data breach
  • Set up Account Alerts to notify you of suspicious activity

Will I have to update my web browser?

Probably not. When a new version of a browser is available, you'll see a small banner on the login page to let you know your browser needs to be updated. Sixty days after a browser release, a browser more than one version out of date will need to be upgraded.

Because Internet Explorer is no longer under active development and is missing modern security features, it's prevented from accessing Online Banking. If you use Internet Explorer, we encourage you to upgrade to Microsoft Edge.

If you have additional questions, please take a look at our Digital Banking User Guide.